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Mists of the Mountains

Kind of a slow day around here. Doing laundry and with my room cleaned up I can then access my studio to paint in.

This painting reminds me of this area, though, it is totally imaginary… I do not fly through the air and paint while I’m doing it, I dare say. Enjoy!

Room With a View 6x9 $39

Wasn’t very creative this afternoon :) I looked out my window and imagined what it looked like a moment ago. This Isn’t on paper, but gessoed cotton canvas that I though would help lift the paint when I wanted to make mist and clouds… and I sort of got carried away in the flow to paint trees and everything thing I’ve seen except the moss.

I also painted surf’s up this summer on this media, and returned to it when my Renoir’(my cat) kept bugging me to paint. So rather and leave to fetch the pad I had been working on, I worked with what I had in front of me as I’m won’t to do, to I hope great success, wealth, and fortune.

Think this turned out well because the paint didn’t stain, and then I could layer on continuous lines. Hope you like it. Blue just didn’t seem the way to go when I kept looking, though everything and I mean everything is somber today.

November Rain 4x6


Raining today, and thinking of car repairs. Had a great show in Helena meeting lots of artists and makers and crafters of every sort, And people from Helena that came to shop for Art. Was hard to meet all those many people as often my life is pretty solitary, so at days end of each day, I was all talked out and tired… though I got to talk to many different kinds of people looking for art, about art, and about their art.

So I’m home, waiting for repairs, and this little painting took due diligence. After warming up yesterday with a few paintings, I think this turned out great as I’m at home doing my laundry. Think I’ll paint this afternoon, too. Expect the blues to creep in, because the world is GRAY today!!

28 Years Later 11x14 $142

Here’s a painting I present of perhaps the far future when all the trees are in a tree museum. There’s that zombie movie called 28 day’s later, and perhaps this is 28 years after that, when wilderness has reclaimed parts of the cities and there’s not dead things trying to eat one.

I studied this in a previous piece, but I think this one turned out better by refraining from using opaques or gauche in it’s creation. And I think it’s a stronger work for it hanging together a lot better while still depicting pretty much the same thing.

Magnified Hillside

Sat over on my Brothers acre with my Sister whom is visiting and painted this. We got out really late due to me sleeping in, and the Sun was pretty high by the time we hit the Point. So, we retreated to heavier woods where the shade was cooler and found time to talk, listen, and paint among the Giants and the Earth, which protected us for a brief spell from the elements of Summer.

Surf's Up

Went and painted with my Niece and Elyse, today. Took an hour to get there and an hour to get home, but we spent a leisurable time there next to the water’s edge with pretty much the whole park to ourselves, having gotten there early while most the place was in the shade. This piece is called Surfs Up, and it’s 6x9 inches big.

I also painted a notecard on cotton ragstock, That and other notecards and original art can be found on display and sale at La Chic Botique Artwalk venue #29. Come for the display, leave with designer clothes!

Email me for sales

Up the River

I set a small challange for myself with this painting… paint only using blue, I cheated and used some green, but one would almost think it’s blue, too. Just had some time so I thought I’d do this about a place I’d like to see and maybe fish if time allowed.

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Bullriver Run

This was a day, drove to the mouth and hiked up past the estuary to where it started to run and sat with this 4x6 for a spell while a lot of the campers slept in well past 10. No one talked to me the entire time I was there, which let me concentrate, but I’d brought my new business cards, heh.

Then after sitting I thought I could find another perch to fish from the streams of place and time, so followed some powerlines up to a road, and down the road, and down the road, and down the road. I ended up at a fireworks stand and a closed bar that didn’t open ‘till 3. It was 2p.m. So, I just hoofed it back to my car with a hole in my sock, which did end up blistering. My ankle was sore from doing that, but hey I got a painting from doing this which turned out good.

This is on sale at and I have most other originals priced and ready to ship there. Email me if you’re interested in this or others at 9wordsforwater (at) g mail dot com If there’s a price, I have it, typically…

Yard Lot

Lots of trees and bees hanging around the yard this day. I mowed the backyard but left the front a foot tall, as All the heal all and various white and purple clover are flowering. It hasn’t grown very tall since I’ve only mowed it once this year. I will probably cut the lawn short when it goes dormant this summer.

This piece is done a quarter of a quarter size, ~ 4x6, of a full sheet(I think 22x30) to make a notecard out of. Even though, I spend some time on them and I hope it shows in this one and Bullriver Run posted next to this.

Fire in the Mountains -Sold-

It's fire season in Montana, and every year brave Men And Women go out and dig in to fight these fires here, and all over the West. And each year we pray for rain to put it out, that comes sometimes and definitely torwards Fall. I've heard said that the places that get rain, get more of it from climate change... temporally... meaning dry summers are going to get drier as well...

Escape to Goat Mountain

Here’s a shot of some bighorn sheep, that creep and slide and hop and smile atop Goat Mountain. The lands above for the brave and stout, this scenery harkens and calls to the age where mountain men meet the sky and earth, perchance to winter over or merely cower from the mighty storms passing through. And lo, here are two mountain men with sheeps wool smiling for you.

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Snow in the Skyline

A brief study I worked on to test out my new go camera made by Vivitar. Uploaded it to Patreon and you can watch by going to my Patreon page

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