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Price:$19.99 Prints in 3-5 business days New Artwork by Alder Artworks! In this Art Calendar Get Awesome Artwork by Victor C Vosen, and add to your collection that you already have of scenic views and peaceful lives of hope. Some say rocks sleep, plants dream, and people imagine. One can really see that in Victor's artwork! Own Some Today!

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Sea of Me

I’ve been painting, a Lot!! Most of them I’ve been sharing have been bottom posted for one reason or another I’m not happy about that, and there’s just too many to reorder each and every One.

I want to share with you this link, PeaceLove.Org by one Jeffrey Sparks whom is organizing a National Art Therapy Movement. Many of you know I’m active NAMI, the national alliance for the mentally interesting. And PeaceLove sparked my interest that hey, Ya one might not know how to paint, but one can make great stuff for Peace of Mind and Love in one’s Heart… which Jeffrey is all about. One can google him and find his TedTalk, and what’s more On his website you can find over 30 people telling their stories about how They find peace of mind and put love in their heart!!! To learn from them!!!

So ya, I’ve been painting and kind of breaking out of the straight on landscape genre by tossing up perspective or bringing a lot of imagination to the view.. getting more into subjects.. but I’ve still got a learning to do since drawing anything can be difficult I find.

I’m still working on my Montana Artprenurial program, too. Worked on a couple of items last month, need to redo some product lines since my spreadsheets got deleted by accident by me, and filed a bunch of stuff to fill in some missing items for my toolbox. It’s neat, if by the end one certifies, everyone has something like 35 tools they can pull out and be like, ‘here it is, here’s my press release’ or ‘here’s my artist statement in 200 words or less’… So one isn’t doing over and over the same stuff or just plain not having it because you’ve never needed such a thing before! So you end up with like 35 tools that make the prenurial part of it integrated, rather than something.. just.. unaccounted. ‘Cause why reinvent the wheel, when artists all over have already gone through all this and have found the good and the bad in it.

MAP by the Montana Arts Council : application deadline is April 31st, 2018

The new paintings without a price are 4x6” sized artwork priced at 39$ the 11x14” sized paintings are priced at 142$… and I do have wholesale prices if one intends to buy a number of them.

And I’d just like to note, check out PeaceLove.Org they have trainings and stories to learn.