A little bit about me

I grew up in South East Montana that I think informed my childhood on how wonderful empty sky is, and how glorious the Sun is, though I think those hot summers also informed me we were kind of poor because we didn’t have an airconditioner, just a t.v. and hideabed in the basement.

I graduated from Highschool from the County(and the only highschool)Highschool, CCDHS, with Honors, and though I got the classy mug… I never did get a letterman Jacket because I liked to eat, and you know have money for movies and video games, though I did have a job for a brief while my Junior and Senior years… I think some, seems so long ago.

Pursued more schooling in Minnesota, where initially I wanted to be a geo-chemist then a chemist then geology THEN 13 years later back to geology at UofM-Duluth, where I got help from vocational rehab to finish up the year I had left before I left school.

But before I’d left, I took one poetry class and one art class for my B.A. and haven’t stopped painting or writing since 2007 when I finally left Minnesota. After a mad trip beating it down to Texas to work in the gasfield as a mudlogger, and then getting laid off… I’ve settled down in NorthWestern Montana advocating through NAMI Far North in Idaho NamiFarNorth.Org and some other groups for disadvantaged and largely ignored people of our community… the best I know how to, with what I know how to do. Part of that is through painting, some through poetry, but also I do webwork, but sometimes just showing up and showing one cares is enough to help people in my community because a lot of the grunt work doesn’t take any magicality except a kind and compassionate heart, often hard to find in the World.

So yea, I’m out here watching the trees grow and the seasons pass Hoping you maybe enjoy what you see, and if you like? Surf on over to Victor-Vosen.Pixels.Com and pick up a print or two… or pillow… or showercurtain… or phonecase… or, I think they even have USB batteries, notecards.. just all kinds of stuff with the artwork printed right on it.

It will help me buy paint, and you’ll get something great!

Or write me at 9wordsforwater ATgmailDOTcom and tell me you’re interested in such and such canvas and I’ll hook you up with it :)

Be Well and Safe Web Surfing,

Victor V.