Bullriver Run

This was a day, drove to the mouth and hiked up past the estuary to where it started to run and sat with this 4x6 for a spell while a lot of the campers slept in well past 10. No one talked to me the entire time I was there, which let me concentrate, but I’d brought my new business cards, heh.

Then after sitting I thought I could find another perch to fish from the streams of place and time, so followed some powerlines up to a road, and down the road, and down the road, and down the road. I ended up at a fireworks stand and a closed bar that didn’t open ‘till 3. It was 2p.m. So, I just hoofed it back to my car with a hole in my sock, which did end up blistering. My ankle was sore from doing that, but hey I got a painting from doing this which turned out good.

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