Room With a View 6x9 $39

Wasn’t very creative this afternoon :) I looked out my window and imagined what it looked like a moment ago. This Isn’t on paper, but gessoed cotton canvas that I though would help lift the paint when I wanted to make mist and clouds… and I sort of got carried away in the flow to paint trees and everything thing I’ve seen except the moss.

I also painted surf’s up this summer on this media, and returned to it when my Renoir’(my cat) kept bugging me to paint. So rather and leave to fetch the pad I had been working on, I worked with what I had in front of me as I’m won’t to do, to I hope great success, wealth, and fortune.

Think this turned out well because the paint didn’t stain, and then I could layer on continuous lines. Hope you like it. Blue just didn’t seem the way to go when I kept looking, though everything and I mean everything is somber today.