The trees cathedrally hold up the sky
Columns reaching and reaching and crowning up
Where clouds rest on top full of oxygen
And water and water and water floating
Where dynamos generate more for storage
Below trees power dynamos in photosynthesis
While fungus underneath powers all through ground swell
Fixing the bits of nitrogen, iron, and phosphate viddles
In order to hold up the ground.
Here life grows
Each grass stalk is a column with foot and capital
To grasshoppers, ants, and mites alike... in forest-like
Prairie where the hawks sweep and deer graze
Here life grows
Each water way spreading its crown into ocean
It's roots clinging to rock, plain, and forested locus
Rivers rivule through time building steadfast through reinvention
Here life grows
Each clump stuck floating its peaks into space
The rests of our rocky-built houses and our shadows cast down
Continents push this way and that way laterally in angst
Here life grows
Each aster burning on its sojourney's path
Fuses and roots into heat crowning up radiate to shine in heavens' holding
Stars... float on... ribbed by the worlds upon worlds they support

Trees hold up the sky, and hold up mankind
Keeping us warm, keeping us sheltered
And cry sometimes.. calling the rain
Both for our victory gardens And wells
So life may continue on for all of us
While deserts surrounding are held at bay
To keep the storm and the stone to itself.