Alder Artworks

Wandering this World, I wonder about the wide open spaces... the valley I live in, painting it, and taking home a small part of it in painting or picture. The blue sky and the blue mountains speak to my soul, and the rocks I see give the world bones. The green worlds that reside here paint the whole world over, that which the American masters popularized in watercolor art they captured. There's always action in the still valleys around me, but I have to sit quieter than them to see the history in the valley’s geology and ecology, and slowly I see the geology and life pushing up into cognizance for the lands around me. How can we be so concerned with worshiping the creator, and be so busy destroying his creation? Consumption Takes; This inspires me to redesign what I do, renew what I use, and regenerate what I value. Maybe that way I can see the values in my relationships with my community, but also the world and environment in which I live... maybe so I can see what's really in front of me, and be annealed and singular in it.

I work in watercolor because it's water based, cleans up easily, and uses up very little of anything. I begin with cerulean blue for the sky, typically, and paint it out with a little pigment and water, and that makes it cheap enough to do with my fixed income. I don't make my materials to save money, but I do try to source them from the USA(though that is sometimes a trial). I use synthetic and natural materials such as cotton ragstock paper from Strathmore and synthetic dyes and brushes made in the Bronx, and I would like to source pigments made in Montana from a weaver as well as make some brushes out of the squirrel tails my cats are always leaving behind. Painting always leaves me 'A Something New' that I've spent my time on and can leave nature’s beauty with unspoiled.

My tradition grows out of the American examples. My teacher painted with other transparent watercolor artists and I studied some of the American Masters whom popularized the artform. Most of my work comes from studies of space and geomorphology; and a lot of what we see around us in the wilderness is a product of ecology, including climate. Seemingly, life creates space/time for life to thrive in and around upon. This fascination with conservation and environment has influenced me both by subject and by my removing human elements and structures. I ask myself everytime can I somehow feel and paint the ancient legacy? Is there someway to see the past and distant future? Other artists have given me technique, while often what I paint is from my own imagination even when out painting in open air to a certain degree. I would like my art to be realistic, but not documentary; where it is half-real and half imagination lying somewhere between what you see around you and a connection to what-could-be. And that is especially the manner I paint in when I’m studio painting.

I also paint because I'm interested sitting out unbothered by time or money in the great world I live in while seeing the beauty that resides around me. I like to paint in front of people so they too may see the transitions of works in progress until finished. A limitation I've always ran into is how do I show action in a still picture. Often in our wing-ding world, something still or quiet doesn’t intrigue our interest, so for me to do this is difficult. As well, in my work I expect light, for light to transmit through the work rather than be absorbed or sucked into it; And for you to walk away somehow more serene because of what it is I’ve painted through the creation of space/time for one to view the work with. These days, my paintings now takes longer and have more added value working with ideas and layers. Hopefully you enjoy what you see, and come back to see what else I've made in the future. One can find me by visiting my website at or follow me on Facebook @ Painting75. I invite you to come visit my work at these places so that you may enjoy what I’ve been up to though haven’t been around to talk with. Fare thee well.

-Victor V.